Welcome back to the first workout of 2020. We’ll start the new year with a bang. Strength Training!

The goal is still muscle building. Strength training for muscle building? Yup. that’s correct. Strength training works wonders for muscle hypertrophy – when done correctly.

We will train week 1 of January 2020 with strength exercises, week 2 with hypertrophy followed by mixed workout of strength/hypertrophy in week 3. And lastly, active recovery in week 4. So, we have effectively incorporated strength training in our muscle-building routine (muscle hypertrophy).

Word of caution, you don’t wanna go overboard with the number of exercises you do in strength training. You dont need to do 4+ different exercises to try to hit all angles. We will do that next week in our hypertrophy week. With strength training, the goal is to be able to lift heavy rather than hitting all angles.

Here’s the chest and abs workout for today:

Chest Workout:
1# Incline Bench Press 5 Sets Of 2-4 Reps
2# Flat Bench Press 4 Sets Of 4-6 Reps
3# Chest Pullover 4 Sets Of 6-8 Reps

Abs Workout:
1# Double Crunch 3 Sets Of 12-15 Reps
2# Hanging Knee Raise 3 Sets Of 12-15 Reps
3# Decline Weighted Sit-Ups 3 Sets Of 12-15 Reps

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